Choosing The Best Weight Loss Program For You


A fitness journey starts with having a selecting a weight loss program that suits lifestyle. You a need a plan that’s tailored to your need and goals to get back the slim and sexy body quickly. But how you lose tens of pounds depend upon the weight loss program you pick. So, which is the best plan for sustainable weight loss?

Well, if you are getting started with losing weight, this article is for you. We have rounded up some of the best weight loss programs to select from. They include:

The Mayo Clinic Diet

One of the best sustainable ways to lose weight is changing your diet. The reason why you are overweight is eating bad food. Mayo Clinic is known for its rich pool of professional doctors and nutritionists among other health specialists. They have one of the best weight loss programs based on diet. The plan comes in phases.

fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet

The first phase includes losing 6 to 10 pounds in the first two weeks. After that, you can expect to lose a 1 to 2 pounds a week until you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Mayo Clinic Diet plan also includes a lot of resources and advice to help you hit your goals faster. Look up the plan on Amazon.

Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig is a renowned nutritionist. You’ve probably watched her on TV talking about weight loss and weight management. She has some of the best diet plans for people wanting to regain their fitness. The 12-week diet is designed to help you hit your target weight loss goal by changing your diet.

With Jenny Craig Diet, you have a unique diet plan to your specific lifestyle. The plan also includes a consultant to check on your progress at least once per week. The program has a very large range and choice of foods to keep you motivated. Check out the plan on the website.

unique diet plan

The HMR Program

One of the most famous weight loss programs is from HMR Weight Management. Many health facilities across the world are using the program to treat obese and overweight patients. With this program, you are taken through two main phases.

The first phase is centred on HMR’s products including, meals, snacks and shakes. The second phases emphasize fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables. It is a very effective plan if followed strictly. Check out the plan on the HMR website.


If you have been researching weight loss programs, then you must have come across Nutrisystem. The program is recommended because of its incredible results. The good thing about this program is its availability in supermarkets near you.

The Nutrisystem diet

The plan is very easy to follow, and you don’t have to fast. In fact, you are supposed to eat 4 to 5 times a day. But every meal that you eat is high-protein, high-fibre and contain zero. The food also contains trans-fat, artificial preservatives and MSG. It’s also available on Nutrisystem’s website.

The Mediterranean Diet

There are many reasons why this weight loss program is popular. But the main reasons is the wildly healthy staples used in the plan. From vegetables, fruits, nuts and olive oil, this is, without doubt, one of the most delicious weight loss plans.

The Mediterranean Diet focuses on fresh dishes. The use of the Mediterranean herbs is credited for the impressive weight loss. Some of the dishes include grilled fish and lemon, whole wheat with hummus and so on. Check out the plan on Amazon.

Salmon with fresh vegetables

These are some of the best weight loss programs that you can select from. They have been tested and found to work incredibly well. But we recommend talking to your doctor before starting with any of them.

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