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Hey there, my name is Gabrielle Maston, a Clinical and Sports Dietician/Nutritionist as well as an exercise physiologist. I’m also a personal trainer practitioner and director of Changing Shape here in Western Sydney. I love helping people get healthy, fit to keep the doctor away.

I welcome you to my page. Here, I share my fitness and health tips with everyone who wants to turn around their life. But let me start by telling you something about me and my passion for fitness and health. Well, it has been a journey that I always feel proud to share.

I’m a very busy guy, and my day is always full of activities. But keeping fit and healthy is one of the most important parts of my life. So, I always create time to play sports to keep fit. I’m currently deeply engaged in long course triathlon and weight training. But I also spend a lot of my spare time swimming, running, biking and the gym.

working out

But it was not always like this though. Like most people, I once hated working out and eating healthy. These two are not fun until you understand the benefits. I’m also a victim of chronic diet and strenuous working program. I know most people can relate to this.

My turning point is when I started reading nutrition books by prominent nutritionists and dieticians. The books persuaded me to become a personal trainer. But I noticed that I’m also interested in nutrition and exercises. So, I had to change my university degree. I graduated with a degree in dietician and exercise physiologist from the University of Sydney.

My mission is to help people struggling with health and fitness issues. I’ll help you lose weight and manage your chronic diseases easy and simple. That’s because I know it’s possible. I have seen people transform their lives through nutrition and fitness.

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If you need help, I’ll customise a diet and fitness plan that will transform your life within a few sessions. My health and fitness plans are crafted with accountability structure to help you determine what to eat and how to exercise. They are tailored to suit your lifestyle and your health goals.

I know losing weight and working on your eating pattern can change your life. It changed mine. Being healthy and fit will raise your energy levels, change your attitude and improve you as a person. But you need help from a professional. Follow me on Facebook and other social media platforms and subscribe to my blog for regular updates.

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