Sydney Nutrition and Dietetic Consultations


When you visit Changing Shape, you’re guaranteed to get a 5 step system that guarantees the following:

· Fast results

· Weight loss

· Feel great

· Sustainable healthy habits

· Increased muscle tone

· Increased energy

· An easy to follow plan

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At Changing Shape, you will find highly trained and experienced exercise physiologists and dieticians. You will receive one on one consultation with our fitness specialists. We will give you nutrition and exercise advice tailored to your goals and needs. All our consultations last between 30-45 minutes hence even those on a busy daily schedule can afford the time.

Our consultations follow our signature 5 step Changing Shape system to interview you. We will listen to what you want, educate you and provide a practical and realistic solution to your problem. Our team will craft a nutrition plan customised to your lifestyle and fitness goals. We specialise weight loss, fitness, toning, weight gain and sports specific training.

Weight loss is the biggest problem for Sydneysider. We will make you understand that weight loss takes a long time. It’s a course you need to commit to for at least 3-6 months. To achieve results, you need dedication, time, be accountable and change how you do things. These are four major elements Changing Shape consultants will train you on. You will be surprised by how we will turn your life around with these 5 steps:

fitness goals

Changing Shape 5 System:

Step 1: Remove Self-Sabotaging Efforts

Step 2: Creating A Tailored Eating Plan

Step 3: Create an accelerated custom weight loss plan

Step 4: How to combine the 3 key elements

Step 5: Stay accountable and keep motivated

Changing Shape Personal Training

Personal training always produces faster and better results. That’s why at Changing Shape, we have personal training packages for people like you. If you would want to lose weight, get fit, or you just need constant motivation, our qualified exercise physiologists and personal trainers can help.

We will develop an exercise training program tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our trainers are experienced in all types of fitness includes exercise rehabilitation. If you are recovering from joint, lower back injuries, or childbirth, we can help.

personal training session

All personal training sessions are 60 minutes. You must book with our trainers depending on your availability and location. Payment must be made before the commencement of the training to avoid inconveniences. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our trainers can visit you at home or for outdoor training.

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