Cathleen Willamson


I really enjoyed personal training with Gabby, I felt like I was pushed to my limit. It was very motivating. I lost a total of 5kg leading up to my wedding day. It left me feeling confident and most of all full of energy.I would defiantly recommend Changing Shape personal training to other brides. The best thing I found was that they addressed nutrition. They gave me a food diary and It was checked every week. It’s a good way to keep on track. The SMS reminders a few days before reminding me that we would be doing you measurements next time I saw the trainer also kept me in line.

I was proud of the toning I got in the arms. I saw a HUGE improvement in my arms just after a few weeks of boxing.One thing I wished though is that I started earlier so it wasn’t such a rush at the end. I urge you to start as soon as you can. My best tips I can give to any bride-to-be wanting to slim down is: Keep a food diary, do regular measurements and weigh in and get a trainer to ensure you keep yourself on track. Thanks Gabby!