Your Guide To Eating Healthy Carbs


What comes in your mind when carbs are mentioned? To most fitness-conscious people think of adding weight. But how true is it that carbs are responsible for unhealthy weight gain? Well, that’s a misconception because of distorted information about carbohydrates.

It’s not about the carbohydrates but the type of carbohydrates. The high and low carb diet is irrelevant – the most important thing is the type of carbs. You need to healthy carbs and not just any carbohydrates. Do you know that whole wheat bread is better than refined white bread?

wheat bread

That’s true, and yet they are both carbs. So, if you are planning to lose weight or keep fit, you don’t need to limit the number of carbs you take. The most important thing is knowing how healthy the carbs you are eating are.

4 Best Tips for Adding Healthy Carbs in Your Diet

For healthy carbs intake, you need a plan on what and when to consume carbs. Here is one of the healthy ways to add carbohydrates to your diet.

Start the Day with Whole Grains

Starting the day with whole-grain will give you the energy that you need to keep you going. Whole grains provide you with the healthy carbs needed to power your morning hours. We highly recommend that you go for old fashioned oats and not the instant oatmeal. The later will be giving you unhealthy carbohydrates. A cold cereal that lists whole grain first in their ingredient list will also work fine. But they should have low sugar content. The cereal should also have less than 8 grams of sugar per serving and at least 4 grams of fibre.

a bowl of cereal and nuts

Get Grain Bread For Lunch

Now that you had healthy carbs for breakfast, you need to add more carbs for lunch. The choice shouldn’t be difficult to pick – a grain bread will be ideal for lunch. But don’t go picking any bread that you come across.

Look for the ‘whole wheat’ or ‘whole rye’ listing on the bread. It should be the first item in the ingredient list. If made from the whole grain only, the healthier the bread will be. You also need to check the amount of sodium in the bread. So, be very careful when reading the ingredient list because it matters a lot.

Not Always Bread

Most of us have this habit of having bread as part of the meals. You must not always eat bread. There are other healthier alternatives. Do you know that even brown bread could be made from the fine ground floor? Well, there are also other products used, such as sodium for baking bread. So, you might not be eating healthy, after all. For example, you can try whole grain such as brown rice instead of bread.

a bowl of brown rice

Avoid Potatoes

There was a lot of debate about potatoes in the diet. But it was settled by scientific research that proved potatoes can promote weight gain. That’s why we recommend avoiding it most of the time and go for healthier alternatives. A good alternative would be beans and legumes.

The two have slowly digested carbohydrates. This means they will keep you full for a longer time hence reducing calorie intake. That’s how you keep fit and maintain a healthy weight. Don’t forget to control your portions.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t fear that eating carbs will get you fat. What you need is to eat the right type of carbohydrates that will help you maintain fitness. Go for healthy carbs and not junk.

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