Foods That Can Boost Your Mood


When you feel down, what’s the first thing that comes in your mind? I know most people think of taking antidepressant drugs, which is a bad idea. What most people don’t know is that eating good mood food can lift their spirits.

This article is providing everything you need to know about mood-boosting foods. Research has shown a relationship between healthy food and brain health. Here are foods that will boost your mood.

fatty fish

Fatty Fish

Add fatty fish in your diet if you feel your moods are not where they are supposed to be. These varieties of fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats linked to improved mental health. Some of the most recommended fatty fish include salmon and albacore.

Salmon is also rich in Vitamin D, which also help ease depression. These two species of fish are highly recommended for people fighting depression. Make sure that you are getting the right portions to enjoy these benefits.

Seeds and Nuts

If you like snacking, avoid sugary and high-calorie snacks because they are bad for your mental health. Try snacking seeds and nuts instead. Research has shown that seeds and nuts are rich in tryptophan, which is synthesised into serotonin.

Serotonin is one of the happy hormones that boost your mood. It also helps to improve your sleeping pattern for a healthier brain. Add almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts and other seeds and nuts in your diet.

seeds and nuts


Besides being a rich source of vitamins, eggs are a fantastic good mood food. They are a great source of nutrients that improves brain health. Some of the nutrients you get from the eggs includes Vitamin B6 and B12.

Eggs are also rich in choline and folate. Note that B12 and folate deficiency is linked to depression. Folate deficiency is also linked to dementia, among other mental conditions. So, adding eggs in your diet will help improve your mental health.

Dark Green Vegetables

Dark leafy greens are some of the superfoods you need for your body health. They are some of the best good mood foods to eat. But you need to be a bit choosey when buying. Ensure that you are stocking up the most nutrient-packed dark green vegetables.

Research shows that broccoli, kales and spinach contain the highest mental health benefits. They are rich in iron, which improves neurological activities. Other nutrients you get from these superfoods include magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A and others.

leafy vegetables

Beans and Lentils

Another set of good mood food in the market is the beans and lentils. These fibre and protein-rich foods have also been found to offer fantastic mental health benefits. They are rich in B vitamins, which help in production of happy hormones such as serotonin. B vitamins also help to improve nerve signalling for proper communication between nerve cells. Beans and lentils are also great source selenium, zinc and magnesium. All these are nutrients that can also help to elevate your spirits.


Berries are some of the fantastic superfoods. They are rich in powerful nutrients that can help boost your mood. So, they are good mood food to add to your diet. Scientific research shows that eating berries helps improve brain health.

Berries have nutrients that improve neuron signalling to enhance motor and cognitions. They also help prevent brain inflammation, which can cause mental health. Berries are also rich in powerful antioxidants that protect brain cells from damages. You can eat the whole range of berries.

berries for brain health

For your mental health, these are some of the superfoods to add to your diet. But make sure you are eating the right portions to enjoy the many mental health benefits that these foods offer. We recommend that you talk to your dietician first.

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